Bye Switzerland

It’s always sad to say goodbye. Especially, when you are leaving your friends and family for an entire year. So the morning of January 6 did not start with an especially fun day. Leaving in direction of Olten to catch the 7.20 train to the airport in Zurich. Our direct flight was already delayed when we arrived so we knew we had plenty of time.

The airplane was massive, as all A380’s are, and everything went smoothly. Our flight was – beside some turbulence – just fine. To mention was the perfect service on board: super friendly and fast. We arrived Tuesday morning at 6am and had despite some doubts – no problems at the immigration checkpoint. After a short breakfast and coffee, we took a cab directly to our hotel, which was going to be our stay for the next days. Since we arrived at around 7, we were not able to check in. So we left and explored the city for the first time and we were absolutely amazed. Green, big and colorful! Honeymoon phase kicked in instantly!


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