Looking for apartments

On our first days, we arranged a few viewings. Over all, we saw 8 apartments, rooms and condos, which gave us a good idea about the market. The viewings went from oh-my-god-that’s-old to fabulous-fancy-perfectly-located.


We settled for this baby. Of course, we didn’t buy the whole one (only half). We have a two-bedroom apartment and share it with a Finnish professional. The Interlace is a highlight of Urban Architecture. Besides its 31 blocks and thus, very densely populated, it takes up new ways in urban planning. If you are interested, you can find more information here. What’s of most value for us – at least so far – are all the included amenities. In addition to the pools and the gym, we have a karaoke-room, mini-theatre and other things we will very likely only use once or twice. 🙂 What I haven’t mentioned is the capacity. Since the Condo opened at the end of the year, only a few people have moved in. Out of the 1’040 apartments, we would guess that only 15 % have moved in. That means we have plenty of space and silence. If you are interested in buying a place, please let us know! 😉


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