Zoo and a lecture on expectations

One early day, we headed out to visit the zoo. Our expectations were really high, due to the countless commercials and comments from Singaporeans and foreigners. So off we went, ready with a bottle of water, some coins for an ice cream and the spirit of eager tourists, taking pictures like there is no tomorrow. We had a lot of fun that day, but to sum it up, I think we both expected a bit too much. Of course, it is one of the nicest Zoo’s we have ever been to, but it was a problem of our expectations. If everyone is telling you, how great a croissant is, and you actually get to try it and it ends up being good, your experience was not satisfying, because you expected some amazing croissant with a flashback to childhood where life was simple and things like healthy food didn’t exist. So you end up leaving with hint of disappointment, despite the fact that you just saw some amazing animals, flown in from various places of the world to satisfy your expectations. They even had a polar bear!

At the end we bought some ice cream to heal our wounds and felt better right after. Maybe we just need more ice cream to solve our problems! Might actually cool down the planet too…


2 thoughts on “Zoo and a lecture on expectations

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. I agree that it is one of the best zoos I have seen (not seen too many to be honest) and yes, it is one of the main attractions in Singapore. But that is not what I meant. My expectations were just so high that I ended up being disappointed with something, that should not disappoint me, because it was nice and beautiful. It also shows how hard it is to measure service quality, because it is so personal and subjective. But that is the business side. On a human side, I think it is a challenge to manage expectations well to remain happy. But that is another thing, maybe worth another blog post.

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