Playing tourists with Family and Friends

Already in our second week at work, we had visitors from home. My godmother and her friend stopped on the way to Australia for a few days. Since we just started working, we both didn’t take days off.

Our first evening we met at their hotel and went to Din Tai Fung for supper. What a fabulous start! Afterwards, we were trying to get to the Marina Bay Sands. On the way, we stumbled upon the Esplanade – the city theater which celebrated Chinese New Years by offering concerts for free… it was absolutely amazing. A perfect end to a long day!

On the second night, we headed to the Gardens by  the bay to enjoy a light show. Since we arrived right after work, we enjoyed a pizza in the magical garden, where all of us felt like in the movie avatar. This evening, we ended on top of the Marina Bay Sands, overlooking the entire city at night. Again, a very nice night.

Our last evening was supposed to be a less touristy one. We invited our guests for an apéro at our place. We didn’t really mentioned how we lived and their expectations were probably quite low. When we arrived, they were blown away by the architecture and it also showed me how quickly I got used to all of this… After a glass of wine we headed to a food court and enjoyed a tasty supper. Again, expectations were not too high. When you arrive, you are tricked by the cheap yellow chairs and fairly dirty, empty tables. But it was simply a successful evening.

It was lovely to have family and friends here! Maggie and I both realized how much we have seen in that time we are here, but also saw, how little we knew and how much more there is to discover. So please, come and visit us!



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