Two day visit: What to do in Singapore

We expected my brother Martin to be here on Saturday afternoon, and he arrived perfectly on time. What to do in only two days? Very simple: Swim in Condo 50m Pool, whirlpool session, heading for supper at Sushi Tei (Vivo), Taxi to Gardens by the bay, enjoying light and sound on the artificial trees, heading to Esplanade and having a fantastic beer in front of the skyline and end the day on the balcony of your apartment.

Second day morning, walk over Southern Ridges towards Mount Faber to Vivo City, have a look at the lovely roof top, have a tasty lunch in the food court by the MRT station, head to Clarke Quay for a nice but a bit overpriced boat trip, get out after 40min, walk to one altitude to find out that it is only open at 6pm, walk to Level 33 and have some tasty, freshly brewed beers, find out that the view is nice and competes with the Marina Bay Sands (we preferred it for an afternoon trip), take taxi back and have a delicious supper in a food court.

Third day morning, go for a swim, whirlpool session nr 2, go and buy some groceries, eat lunch at a Hawker center, pack up and say good bye.

Between the lines we left out all the laughter, good chats and fun times we had in these hours. Thanks for coming Martin! It was hard letting you go.



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