A post dedicated to my mum.

This post is dedicated to my mom, who celebrates her 64 years today. It is because of her and my Dad that I find myself in Singapore, studying and exploring another corner of the world. She always put us first and made sure my siblings and I could be successful independent beings in this world. Not the type of being who is successful through wealth or achievements that she could show off to the world. No, the kind of success that translates into a full life. She raised us in a ‘no-nonsense’ manner, equipping me with the tools to achieve genuine happiness. I owe so much to her and being away on her birthday certainly makes me a bit nostalgic. So bear with me as I recite some childhood memories, which fill my heart with joy and ultimately place me here in Singapore.

As most people know, the Dutch bike. We bike a lot. So naturally, my memories started on a bike. Riding my two wheeled beast beside my mom, whether it was to get groceries, visit grandma for afternoon tea, or getting to school. I always knew I had a warm spot beside her in bed if I had a bad dream or in the kitchen while she baked bread and I could make my own creation with some dough. After moving to Canada, routines changed and I spent many summer days in the Honeyhouse with mom and winters were long, cold and full of hockey. My mom joined the hockey moms, and it took some adjusting, but she started to enjoy the hockey culture as my brother and I really gave her no other choice. And then as I got older, she stuck it out with me through the teenage years and the first boyfriends that came along. She encouraged me to study, savour the simple life, and explore.

As my time in Singapore reaches the two month mark and after having lived in Switzerland for two years, my parent’s lessons are reinforced. And while it’s pretty lame to be so far away today, I’ll certainly have a piece of cake and appreciate the person my mom is.

Mom and I


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