Bintan – the perfect getaway

Bintan is only an hour away from Singapore and lies on Indonesian ground. We arrived by boat on an early morning, gained a hour in time change so we even won an additional hour to have more for less.

Our resort had everything to do anything but something. We had ping pong tables, wide landscapes with holes in them, pools, slides, restaurants, cafes and more things, nicely maintained and designed.

The best part about my weekend took place in a restaurant, where we got a nice piece of meat for a good price. Something which is hard to get in Singapore, without having to sell your own liver on the black market.

We also enjoyed the beach, with withe, fine sand.

Despite the beauty, it was hard to overlook the tar on the sand, coming in from the countless ships traveling to Singapore. And the side after the sign at the end of the beach, also had some better days (have a look at the pictures).

But to sum it up, the positives won, the negatives were noticed. It was a fabulous getaway from the city.



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