Goodbye Singapore – Goodbye Summer

Eleven months have passed incredibly fast.  I think it was only yesterday when we set our sails in direction of Singapore, not knowing what will be awaiting us. What has awaited us? A short summary.

An incredible journey through countries and cities I never knew I was going to visit. Bali, Bintan, Borneo, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, South Korea. I think we scratched a little on the surface of what could be seen in SE Asia, but I am happy that we saw so much and also such a variety of cultures. All countries and cities amazed me in so many different ways that I am not sure if I have a personal favorite.

SO MUCH FOOD! Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and so on. My personal favorite became Vietnamese: Simple, fresh and tasty. But I also love South Korean food, as in a lot of meat, good sauces and vegetables. I sure will miss the street food of Singapore!

We met fantastic people. It was my first time realizing that you can basically live wherever you want on this planet, as long as you have some good people to share your life with. Living life alone is not fun, neither in Switzerland nor in Singapore.

I also started to understand development differently. While traveling it was interesting to see how far developed certain countries are and why some are further than others. My lesson from Vietnam about corruption (“corruption is only fair for those who have money”) might have been simple, but it seems like a lot of countries with economic problems also have corruption difficulties. So while 1% of the population gets extremely rich, the other 99% have to suffer. Not fair.

It is no coincidence that Singapore is so green. I really like the emphasis of the government and their clear direction on certain topics. They sure get stuff done.

To sum it up, I have learned so much about this world in the last year and I am truly thankful. What will I miss? I will miss the food, the chances of discovering something very different every month, wearing shorts every day (everyday!), our new friends from all over the world and also our condo. Thank you guys for making it so awesome!

Here some of my favorite shots: