Another chapter begins

So here I am back in Switzerland sitting in my long johns with a hot cup of coffee. Oh did I miss winter! I’ve been back in Luzern for one week and Chris and I have settled a bit into our new apartment. It feels lovely to have our own home and the opportunity to furnish it together. Chris is working right here in Luzern and as of today I’ll officially start an internship in Geneva with Gavi in March. It’ll run for 20 weeks, putting a bit of a hiatus on the furnishing and settling, as I’ll have to live in Geneva during the weekdays.

Leaving Singapore was strange for me, I felt ready to go home but the people I met there were hard to say goodbye to. The year I spent there changed me, something which grew evident when I came back to Canada in December. Being back in my old environment, the only home I knew three years ago, showed me how much I’ve grown through living abroad. It’s hard to describe how it happens, but suddenly you realize that the person who left isn’t you anymore – you’ve seen too much and experienced too much to see the world in the same way. Perhaps you don’t have to travel for that to happen. Perhaps that is just growing up and experiencing the world; be it in your own rural town, city or global community.

After a pretty crazy travel schedule I managed to make it to Canada for Christmas with my family (with a weekend stop in Tokyo), travel back to Singapore for a week to defend my thesis, and eventually back to Switzerland to stay. I have to await the results of the thesis examination but if all goes well I will graduate at the end of February! What’s next? I am not entirely sure. This internship will give me the chance to see how these international organizations work and if that is something I’d like to pursue. I want to use the skills I’ve been given to make a positive change in the world, so I will continue to take the steps necessary to making that happen. I’m keeping my options open, whether it’s further education or the start of a career – the world is full of possibilities and I am just going to take it one step at a time relishing in all that has been and all that will come.